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As demonstrated in our article on Yomoni, this company is one of the European specialists in managed savings. Thanks to Yomoni, its clients' savings are doing particularly well and it is in their interest to diversify their investments as much as possible. This allows them to take full advantage of the benefits provided by financial markets without taking too many risks!

Yomoni, the savings revolution: robot-advisor with reduced fees!

With Yomoni, there are no unpleasant surprises: the fees are fixed in advance and decrease according to the amount invested. Moreover, the company offers a no-obligation service! You can test its service for free for 30 days.

With Yomoni, you can invest with peace of mind! The company offers innovative savings solutions with high-performance funds (ETFs), at lower costs and with risk levels adapted to each investor profile. Whether you want to prepare for your retirement or simply generate a full income over the long term, Yomoni is the ideal solution for intelligent investment. Test it without further delay and also take advantage of the bonus offered until December 31, 2022. Our opinion and complete test of Yomoni (specialist in savings management): with a profitability that exceeds 4% per year, this investment is one of the most interesting on the market.

What about the security funds? According to our opinion and test, Yomoni is a very reliable platform that offers its clients ainvestment completely online. The use of robo-advisor (technology composed of algorithms, Big Data and AI), as well as Yomoni's investment committee, guarantee investors a personalized management of their portfolio and therefore the best possible performance. The low fees also make this platform a great option to invest your money

While managed savings are becoming increasingly popular, Yomoni is among the market leaders. Indeed, since its launch in 2015, the site has convinced nearly 30,000 customers and regularly wins awards (TOP Gold Life Insurance or PER, Label EXCELLENCE 2021, EMD Awards,...). Today, it offers all the classic financial products such as life insurance (flagship product), PEA and securities accounts.

This is why we decided to test Yomoni, a specialist in managed savings. According to their statistics, clients who have chosen this solution have seen a significant increase in their capital: +6% on average over 3 years! And this without any investment risk since your money is fully secured. With fees starting at 0€ and no commitment, it would be crazy not to try! Test our online simulator to find out how much you can earn with Yomoni

We think Yomoni is a great platform for people who want to invest in life insurance. The company's services are very reliable and easy to use, which makes them ideal for beginners in real estate investing. In addition, Yomoni offers competitive rates compared to other players in the market. We highly recommend this company!

Yomoni is a website that offers a guided savings management, which means that they choose the products according to your profile and your expectations. They have products for all tastes: term savings, life insurance or PEA. Our opinion on Yomoni? We find it very professional! The advisors are available by chat or email and answer quickly to the customers' questions. Moreover, it is easy to follow the evolution of your portfolio on the website

But let's get back to Yomoni! So what does this platform offer in terms of guided savings management? First of all, the investments are based on a profiled and customizable 100% approach. In addition, when you create your account, you have access to a test that will determine your ideal investment level (also depending on your risk tolerance). The investment diversification is then automatically managed by the robot-advisor thanks to the use of a research exclusive, able to compare the different financial products offered on the market

We have tested Yomoni and are very enthusiastic about this solution! It is a specialist in managed savings which allows substantial savings on management fees. Moreover, the interface is very easy to use and you can choose different options depending on the risks you want to take. We highly recommend Yomoni for anyone interested in scholarship or investment management!

You haven't tried Yomoni yet? This company is an expert in managed savings, and offers a very advantageous deal for all French people. Right now, you can enjoy a 350€ bonus if you open an account!

✅ Why subscribe to Yomoni's life insurance, PER, PEA and CTO?

The disadvantages of Yomoni savings solutions

How to save with Yomoni?

Our opinion on this platform is very positive! Subscribing to life insurance or other Yomoni savings products is done 100% online and very simple. It only takes a few clicks to create your account, define the strategy that best suits your needs and invest. Moreover, thanks to the automatic management proposed by the company, we don't need to spend time following the markets and making the necessary arbitrages according to the evolutions

  • Go to the Yomoni website and click on "Start".
  • Enter the information personal information requested (name, first name, email address, etc.).
  • Make your first payment by indicating how much you want to save and when you want to start (this can be immediately or in several months).
  • Choose a fund from a diversified selection that matches your investor profile (conservative, balanced or dynamic) and let Yomoni manage your money for you

Being a good saver starts with consistent and regular savings. The ideal is to start small, just to get your bank account used to seeing the money flowing in every month! Not to mention that this will also allow you to gradually build up a nice mattress to face life's hard times. But how do we know if we are well placed to make investments with our own money? And which solution to choose between different offers of the market

Our detailed opinion on Yomoni life insurance

In addition to these advantages, life insurance is also a very flexible product that allows you to change your investment options during the life of the contract. This flexibility is ideal to adapt your savings to your needs and to economic changes.

Yomoni offers a 100% online management of your life insurance contract. This French start-up accompanies you and provides experts to guide you throughout your investment. Among the lowest fees on the market, the reduced fees offered by Yomoni allow everyone to build up a substantial capital. What are you waiting for?

With an annualized performance of 9.3% in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and assets under management of more than €1 billion at the end of 2017, Yomoni is one of the leading players in the French market for piloted savings management. With this high return and critical size achieved on the domestic market (total assets held by individuals via piloted asset management solutions is around €6 billion), what advantages does it offer investors? Go to the next level and discover our full review and test of Yomoni

The advantages of Yomoni life insurance for investors

Online financial services are definitely developing at a crazy speed! After having tested and approved Yomoni (managed savings), I can only recommend this site to people who want to make sure their money grows. Indeed, Yomoni has 10 different investor profiles for its life insurance, each one being adapted to different types of risks and performances. This allows everyone to find the one that fits their profile, without having to decide on an investment strategy since it is already chosen for you

Yomoni is a managed savings platform that was launched in 2015. Thanks to its euro fund and the trackers it invests in, it is considered one of the best on the market. Its low fees also help maximize investment returns.

Yomoni, managed savings in the lead! With a cumulative performance of +28.72% for the most conservative profile and up to +118.21%* for the "dynamic" profile, Yomoni confirms its status as the sector leader. Thanks to its 10 dynamic profiles (and tailored to different types of investors), each saver will find the one that best suits him! Performance since 2015 according to the 10 Yomoni profiles -The "conservative profile" with a performance of +28

At Yomoni, there is no shortage of products to invest with peace of mind. Whether you want to invest in gold or Bitcoin, the platform offers a managed account that is tailored to your needs. And thanks to the many positive reviews and the comprehensive test conducted by My Money bank, it is easy to get an idea of the professionalism of this company!

Yomoni is undoubtedly THE best solution in terms of savings management! With an average return since 2015 of more than 30%, and a positive performance during the year 2020 despite the stock market turbulence, it would be absurd not to invest your money there. In comparison, the Livret A offers only 0.5% of remuneration!

350€ free to test Yomoni! With an efficient savings management system, you can invest and protect your assets. Try this powerful solution without further delay with €350 off your first order at Yomoni.

How do Yomoni life insurance fees affect your budget?

In addition, Yomoni does not charge any management fees on the funds deposited, nor for arbitrages and additional payments. The latter are also free if you choose a "controlled" option which automatically manages your investment according to your investor profile.

Yomoni is a very competitive savings management platform that offers fees only on the management of your savings. These fees vary between 0.60% and 1.60% maximum depending on the customer profile. The platform is easy to use and gives you access to several options to best manage your money. Moreover, Yomoni has an excellent customer service available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. So don't hesitate to call on the experts at Yomoni if you want to invest your money with peace of mind

The existing fees at Yomoni are only indexed on the guided management of the life insurance. The fees are divided into 3 levels: low, intermediate and high. Thus, clients can choose to pay their fees according to the level of risk they wish to take for their money.

We really liked the guided management offered by Yomoni! The support is of very good quality and the fees are largely justified. We can only recommend this solution if you are looking for an alternative to traditional insurance and banks.

The economic and financial advantages of Yomoni's robo-advisor

So what is Yomoni? Well, it's a company that offers individuals to invest their money in automated and controlled management. Thanks to a robo advisor, you can be sure that your savings are in the hands of financial experts capable of making them grow over the long term. In addition, Yomoni puts its committee of experts at your disposal to select the best solutions for you. What more could you ask for?

In recent years, robo advisors have been deployed in the investment management market. These digital solutions offer clients personalized services in terms of portfolio allocation and monitoring, thus creating better financial performance for each investor. Among this growing offer is Yomoni, an industry specialist that offers a solution based on artificial intelligence ("AI") and high-performance algorithms.

The robot

  • Yomoni's advisor is the ideal tool for those who wish to invest in the stock market. Indeed, it offers many advantages:
  • It is simple and quick to use.
  • It allows you to invest with great flexibility.
  • Its automated manager offers an optimal performance thanks to a permanent follow-up of the financial markets.

If you are at research If you are looking for a fully personalized, self-piloted life insurance policy that is optimized according to your investor profile, Yomoni is for you! With this digital solution, you benefit from the advice and expertise of a specialist in managed savings. Thanks to the diversified supports offered by Yomoni (shares, bonds...), your investments will be oriented towards performance. This significantly increases your chances of making a profit.

You too are starting to save, and you want to do it in the best way? Then Yomoni is for you! This specialist in managed savings offers a wide range of solutions adapted to all profiles. Thanks to its expertise, it is able to find for each investor the strategy that will allow him to reach his financial goals.

How to develop responsible savings with Yomoni

We have tested Yomoni and we are delighted! It is an excellent solution for those who do not want to manage their savings themselves. In addition, by activating socially responsible investment at no extra cost, you can make a gesture for the planet by investing in solidarity-based companies.

The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) option allows you to choose investment funds that respect environmental, social and governance criteria. These funds have been created to offer superior financial performance while promoting sustainable business management. With the ESG option, you can easily invest in these funds without compromising the performance of your portfolio!

Once this option is activated, your savings are allocated to funds based on social and environmental objectives (ESG):

  • Ethics
  • Social
  • Environmental Well yes, you read that right! From now on, it is possible to invest your savings according to ESG criteria. For those who are not yet familiar with this acronym, here is a short definition: "ESG criteria are the three main pillars on which sustainable (or responsible) finance is based". These criteria correspond to the Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of the companies studied

With Yomoni, you have access to a wide range of euro and equity funds. These funds have been selected among the best on the market thanks to the quality of the managers who run them and the ecological, social and governance (ESG) criteria applied. Thus, you have at your disposal 2 filters that allow you to exclude certain sectors such as tobacco or alcohol but also to select the best responsible companies

Yomoni Kids: a life insurance policy designed for children that will allow them to manage their own finances!

With Yomoni, it's life insurance for children that's up for grabs! Indeed, it is possible to open a life insurance for your child with "Yomoni Kids". Thanks to this innovative product, your offspring will be protected and their wealth well managed. What could be better than knowing that their savings will go straight to the goal without being hindered by unnecessary fees? With Yomoni Kids, everything has been thought out to make it easier to manage your children's savings

If you want to invest for your child's future, don't hesitate to use Yomoni Kids! This product is an excellent opportunity to prepare for the future and start making your money grow today. Indeed, the returns offered on this type of investment are much higher than the rates offered by a traditional Livret A. So don't wait any longer and take advantage of Yomoni Kids!

Opinion on the Yomoni securities account: an intelligent solution for investing your money

The securities account (CTO) offered by Yomoni is one of the best tools for investing in the stock market! With Yomoni's experts, you can maximize performance without any constraints or investment limits. So don't wait any longer and open your CTO with Yomoni!

With Yomoni, you will be able to define your investor profile according to your objectives and thus choose the best allocation to achieve them. Whether it's for long-term savings or for a more risky investment, Yomoni has the right solutions!

Yomoni's piloted CTO is a very effective solution to get high returns on your money. According to the profiles, the returns observed since 2016 are 3%, 6% and 9% respectively. These figures perfectly illustrate the effectiveness of the service offered by the company!

Yomoni is a very interesting platform for those who want to invest in the stock market. It is particularly efficient and easy to manage your savings, so you don't have to waste time studying the financial markets. Moreover, Yomoni offers reasonable management fees and is very responsive to its users' requests.

We have tested Yomoni, the specialist in managed savings, and we are very impressed! The annualized performances on our profile 10 since 2016 have been excellent, at 11.2%! These results are much better than the 0.50% of the current Livret A... If you are looking for better returns for your savings without too much trouble, then this solution is for you!

Yomoni is a major player in managed savings, with a complete and varied offer that meets all needs. Our opinion of Yomoni? It is excellent! Whether in terms of simplicity or efficiency, the platform has nothing to envy the big players in the sector. With Yomoni, you also benefit from a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) subject to flat tax for the taxation of capital gains. An undeniable asset when it comes to making your savings grow. If you are looking for a good asset manager, look no further: Yomoni is made for you.

We tested for you Yomoni, the specialist in managed savings. And our verdict is clear: this solution is ideal for those who want to invest easily and concentrate on other aspects of their lives! Thanks to Yomoni, you benefit from the best financial advice and enjoy exceptional performance. So don't hesitate, discover them without delay!

How to earn with the Yomoni PEA

First of all, what is Yomoni? It's a platform that offers its clients to manage their savings through a PEA (share savings plan) with controlled management. Thus, you invest on dynamic supports like shares and benefit from the tax advantages associated with the PEA! But that's not all: Yomoni also stands out for the quality of its financial advice. Indeed, when you create your account, you are engaged in a personalized financial coaching process

At Yomoni, we have a unique investor profile as our investments are exclusively in stocks. The performance of Yomoni's PEA since 2016 is therefore 58%. These positive results demonstrate that our managed savings are effective and allow our clients to make significant gains. Do not hesitate to try our platform to see the benefits it can bring you!

We have tested the managed savings service offered by Yomoni and we are very satisfied! The management fees do not exceed 1.60% of the invested capital each year, which makes it one of the most competitive services on the market. Moreover, the allocation is based on trackers (low cost funds), which significantly reduces the total management fees. In short, if you are looking for an efficient solution to manage your savings at low cost, don't hesitate to turn to Yomoni

Even if Yomoni's PEA piloté is limited to 150 000€, it can be an ideal solution for people who wish to invest little in the stock market and not independently. With a fixed annual fee of only €4, this provider offers very interesting automated investment management. Moreover, it is not necessary to invest all the money available in the PEA since the company also allows partial redemptions!

Opinion on the PER "Yomoni Retraite": an opportunity not to be missed!

With such low fees, it's a great choice for those looking to invest easily and without breaking the bank!

Whether you are young and active or pre-retired, Yomoni Retirement is the best solution to manage your savings efficiently! With a minimum capital of 10,000 euros and annual management fees of only 0.50%, investing with Yomoni Retirement means peace of mind. The performance of the euro fund is good and regular over the years, which means that your money is always protected. So don't wait any longer and choose the best guided management for your savings

With the "Yomoni Retirement" PER, your savings are secured with Yomoni, allowing you to allocate your savings as you go along:

  • market status
  • management strategy adopted by Yomoni Today, saving your money is essential to ensure a good financial future. But how to choose the best solution? To help you make the right choice, our team has tested and gives its opinion on Yomoni (specialist in managed savings). With this PER, your money is safe with Crédit Agricole while being managed by Yomoni experts

After having presented in detail the 3 typical profiles on our blog, here are our conclusions about this savings product. As a reminder, Yomoni is a company that offers individuals the possibility to manage their savings via a virtual current account and without fees or commissions. The funds are mainly invested in eurodollar securities (via ETFs) to limit the risk of financial losses. The principle of the PER being to offer a life annuity to the savers, and the managed contracts proposed by Yomoni being without expenses, this one seems to be a good choice for those which seek to constitute a regular saving on the long term

Note that the exit of a PER is done either in capital or in annuity (again, as you wish). This will depend on your expectations and the management method chosen for your savings. With Yomoni, everything is possible! Our opinion on this solution: Excellent! Thanks to this specialist in managed savings, it is easily possible to optimize your investments and obtain the best possible returns. If you are looking for a good ally to manage your money efficiently, Yomoni is the solution you need. Do not hesitate to test this platform to be sure of its qualities

If you are looking for a solid and competitive Retirement Savings Plan, we recommend Yomoni! With a "Yomoni Retraite" PER, you will benefit from ultra-competitive fees and a high-end service. So don't hesitate any longer, discover the advantages of the "YomoniRetraite" PER without delay!

What do you think of Yomoni? Is it a good platform to manage your money intelligently and invest in the best financial products on the market? Discover our complete opinion on this specialist in savings management, as well as our reviews and conclusions about this company!

The different types of robo-advisors: how to choose the right one for you?

We have compared the 2 options and we think that Yomoni is the most interesting offer because it offers a controlled management of your savings. With Nalo, you choose your own investment funds which can be risky if you are not familiar with the financial market.

Today we are going to talk about Yomoni and Nalo. These two platforms were created with the objective to manage savings. But they also have some differences that make them interesting to compare! First of all, it should be noted that Yomoni has a particularly efficient customer interface. It is clear and intuitive, which makes it much easier to navigate the site. On the other hand, Nalo offers the possibility to manage your investments from your smartphone, which is very appreciable

Summarize the ConnectBanque experts' opinion on Yomoni!

We also appreciated the fact that Yomoni offers different investment solutions according to your profile and your objectives. In short, we are fully satisfied with the managed investment solution offered by Yomoni and can only recommend it to you to manage your money efficiently!

In addition to this, Yomoni also offers reduced flat-rate fees on deposits and impeccable customer service available 7 days a week via chat, telephone or email. This allows each investor to obtain a tailor-made solution according to his needs!

The principle of managed savings is simple: you invest your money in funds selected by the Yomoni teams, who then manage this money according to the objective you have defined. Therefore, by being a Yomoni client, you will be able to combine performance and savings on fees to obtain a better return on your savings.

Indeed, this very complete offer is an undeniable asset because it allows you to carry out a global and personalized management of your assets. In addition, Yomoni offers reasonable entry and exit fees as well as advantageous taxation on capital gains.

In short, we are fans of Yomoni and highly recommend this platform to all those who are looking for simplicity and efficiency to manage their savings effectively!

We were very satisfied with the advice and support we received from Yomoni customer service. Our representatives were always available, attentive and educational. They answered all our questions in detail and were particularly flexible in adapting our managed savings to our needs. We highly recommend Yomoni!

Yomoni is an excellent solution for those who want to manage their own savings without sacrificing performance. With a very low management fee, it is difficult to find better on the market. In addition, the tax advantages of life insurance and PEA can be fully exploited with Yomoni.

If you are looking for a good asset manager, take a look at Yomoni! This platform indeed proposes a very complete and interesting offer for those who seek to invest efficiently. And thanks to ConnectBanque, you can benefit from 350€ FREE on your life insurance, PEA or CTO. Just use the promo code "WELCYOM" when you register!

We have tested Yomoni, the specialist in managed savings, and we are very satisfied! After only a few months of use, our capital has already increased by several hundred euros. And this without us having to think about it or intervene. What more could you ask for?

Client reviews of Yomoni savings and automated management solutions

Indeed, opinions and feedback on Yomoni are almost unanimous regarding the quality of the services offered. In addition, this start-up offers a very complete savings management system that allows you to make your money grow efficiently. Whether in terms of investment choices or regular portfolio monitoring, the teams have thought of everything!

Yomoni is a good solution to manage your savings! The customer reviews are clear: 4.6/5 out of more than 370 reviews on TrustPilot and nearly 160 reviews on Google. These reviews and recommendations highlight the simplicity of the Yomoni offer to grow your money, the quality of the customer service (Yomoni advisors) as well as the interface for monitoring your savings, which is one of the best on the market. Whether it is for a real estate or stock market investment, the services offered by Yomoni are advantageous and rich in choices

Discover the advantages of life insurance and other investments with Yomoni in video!

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