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Manager.one is a very useful online platform for today's managers! It allows you to easily and efficiently manage your team and your projects. Our testers were surprised by the quality of the service and the number of features offered for free! If you are in the research d'a Manager.one is a complete tool to manage your team and is without a doubt THE solution you need!

Manager.one is the online management solution dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses! With its complete offer, it meets all the needs in terms of business creation and follow-up: accounting, invoicing, personnel management,... It also allows you to work efficiently with your customers or suppliers. Test it without further delay, this platform will change your daily professional life! Manager

Manager.one is an online tool that allows you to manage your professional activity and develop your skills. It offers complete modules to train, communicate efficiently and improve productivity at work. Manager.one has been tested by our team of experts, here is our opinion!

Presentation of Manager one, the bank for professionals

Manager.one is without a doubt one of the best online banks for entrepreneurs! Its pro account is extremely easy to use, and allows you to manage your professional activity efficiently. The rates are very competitive, which makes this bank an excellent choice if you are looking for a new pro financial institution!

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about a very interesting tool for professionals: Manager.one. This service offers a unique and transparent online banking service to simplify the financial management of companies of different sizes. Thanks to its great expertise of the French banking market, Manager.one is able to offer entrepreneurs a tailor-made and personalized support according to their specific needs. The advantages are numerous: clear and predefined pricing, simplified management of accounts and financial documents, real-time monitoring of the evolution of the company's assets and financial performance, etc.

Manager.one is an online bank that aims to be professional and easy to use, with an "all-inclusive" offer. We have tested this professional bank for you and here is our full review! First of all, Manager.one offers very interesting rates compared to other online banks on the market: there are no account maintenance fees, there are no commissions on current operations (withdrawals/transfers) and a free credit without any income condition is offered since Manager.one is a professional bank.

Manager.one is a great application to manage your business efficiently! The registration process is very simple and the interface is pleasant. The features such as reports, document sharing and messaging are very useful. In short, I can only recommend this application!

3 months free with ConnectBanque, that's what Manager.one offers for its launch! This new online service is a management platform that allows independent entrepreneurs and SMEs to be accompanied by experts through all stages of their development. What do you want to know about Manager.one? We'll tell you everything in our full review and test of the site...

Advantages of signing up for the Managerone online banking account

Advantages and disadvantages of signing up for a Manager.one business account

Manager.one is a very interesting platform for entrepreneurs who want to manage their business efficiently! Creating an account takes only a few minutes and navigating the site is easy. The tools available are relevant and allow you to follow the progress of your business with precision. In short, if you are at research a complete solution to manage your SME, Manager.one is an excellent choice!

Manager.one is the ideal tool for managers who want to make their life easier! It allows you to gain time and efficiency, which is essential in an increasingly demanding professional context. Our opinion on Manager.one: this tool deserves its place among the best on the market!

How ConnectBank revolutionized business management

If you have a business and you are looking for a complete package that rivals the best business banks, Manager.one is the tool for you! We have tested this platform and we are very satisfied: it is rich in features and allows you to manage your business efficiently. Whether it's for making payments or issuing invoices, Manager.one has everything you need to make your business flourish

When using it, you quickly realize its simplicity and efficiency. With Manager.one, you will have a complete dashboard to manage your activity in the blink of an eye! Whether you want to plan tasks or monitor your competitors, this application is made for you.

We really liked the clarity of the offer and the price at Manager.one! Even if this online bank is still young, it already offers very attractive rates for companies of all sizes. Moreover, the service is impeccable and very easy to use: which is not always the case with other competing neobanks... Unfortunately, there is still a weak point compared to other offers on the market: the overdraft fees

Manager.one is THE solution to simplify the management of expense reports! No more tons of paperwork to fill in and file, with Manager.one everything is done directly online. Moreover, it is possible to personalize the bank card distributed to each employee thanks to the 65 available criteria (type of activity, favorite color...). In short, Manager.one is the ultimate in expense management!

Although Manager.one is not suitable for businesses that need professional credit or cash flow, it is nevertheless ideal for local businesses. With this account, you will have access to a large number of efficient tools and services that will allow you to manage your business according to your own rules!

Compared to other online banks for professionals, Manager.one is without a doubt the best option! The functionalities are complete and allow you to manage your business efficiently, the rates are very affordable and the quality of the customer service is excellent. In short, a perfect solution for independent entrepreneurs or SMEs who want to simplify their daily management!

Rates and bank charges: Manager one offers the best rates

The Manager.one bank card, an efficient and easy to use solution!

Manager.one is a start-up that offers companies a unique Visa Coporate bank card with no limit. It is possible to set up and customize the bank cards for each employee with 65 criteria, some examples: the maximum amount that can be spent daily, weekly or monthly; the type of store allowed (bookstore, supermarket ...); the cash back option to obtain a percentage of the total amount of purchases made with the card, etc.

Each employee can personalize the bank cards with 65 criteria, some examples:

  • Manager.one is the ideal tool to manage your company's payroll and business expenses! The French startup offers a complete, fast and efficient solution to simplify employee management. With Manager.one, you can create a unique Visa Coporate bank card with no limit for each employee with 65 customizable criteria (country of residence, currency...). The features are numerous: economic simulation tool in real time

Focus on the ManagerOne offer for entrepreneurs: opinion and comparison

It's hard to find a platform that brings together all the features you need to manage your business effectively. Fortunately, Manager.one offers a feature-rich package at €29.99 per month with no hidden fees! We tested the platform and it totally fulfills our expectations: integrated messaging tool, contacts and prospects management, shared calendar... Moreover, the interface is intuitive and easy to use which will allow you to save precious time

A professional account with no maintenance fees

Manager.one is an incredible offer that includes many services! You will have access to a personal assistant, training and a network of experts to support you throughout your career. In addition, Manager.one also has a talent management system that will allow you to easily manage your resume and the professional opportunities you want to pursue.

This offer includes multiple services:

  • A management platform for your business
  • An online personal space
  • A professional messaging system Our opinion of Manager.one is very positive! This unique offer includes multiple useful and practical services: a management platform for your business, a personal online space and a professional messaging system. We think it's ideal for entrepreneurs who want to simplify their life to the maximum!

With ConnectBanque, enjoy 3 months free of charge and without commitment... And discover the many advantages of an online bank!

The Manager.one tool is an online solution that allows you to manage your personal and professional finances efficiently. We have tested this tool for you and we are very satisfied! Not only is it ergonomic and easy to use, but it also offers advanced features that allow you to better control your budget. Moreover, thanks to our ConnectBanque promo code, you can benefit from manager.one services for free during 3 months!

Manager.one is a great tool for entrepreneurs and managers! I discovered it a few weeks ago and I find it incredibly useful. Thanks to Manager.one, I was able to gain in efficiency and especially in time! The features are numerous and allow me to manage all types of activities: notes, appointments, contacts...The only small drawback I can say is the size of the icons that sometimes prevent me from seeing the information detailed

Manager one is the assurance of being able to deposit your capital in complete security and simplicity!

Manager.one is THE solution for entrepreneurs who want to file their share capital online! It is a free and very easy to use service: after you have made your filing, you will receive your filing certificate within 48 hours. So don't wait any longer and trust Manager.one!

Manager.one is a tool that allows you to manage your personal finances through an intuitive and easy to use interface. I've been using it for a while now and I'm very satisfied! The graphs allow me to clearly see where my monthly expenses are, which is really handy. I can also plan budgets for different projects without any difficulty, Manager.one being compatible with several currencies (dollar, euro...). In short, if like me you want to keep an eye on your budget, I can only recommend Manager

The payment terminal and collection solutions with ManagerOne

Manager.one is the best choice for business transactions! With a low and unique commission rate for all transactions, you won't have to worry about additional fees. Plus, it's free to sign up and there's no obligation, which is great if you want to try before you buy. Don't hesitate and try Manager.one today!

The Verifone v240m is a very convenient and easy to use payment terminal! It has a touch screen that allows for smooth navigation, as well as Wifi/3G connectivity for use anywhere. Moreover, it respects the standards of security to ensure the protection of merchant and customer financial data. If you already have a payment terminal, it is possible to link it directly to your Manager account

Manager.one is a powerful and innovative tool that allows you to easily manage your business, regardless of its size. Its ease of use makes it suitable for all entrepreneurial profiles, even without any experience in computer science ! Moreover, the tool also offers a multitude of useful features to develop your business (stock management, orders...). In short, Manager.one is a must-have if you want to succeed in your online business!

How do I open a business account with Manager one? It is important to know what documents you need to provide in order for the process to go smoothly.

If you are looking for a simple and efficient professional tool, Manager.one is for you! Thanks to an online opening of your account, this service is available quickly and easily. It is suitable for both established and new entrepreneurs. What more can you ask for?

We have tested Manager.one and, overall, it is a good management software! It is important to fill in and transmit the following parts: the hierarchical structure (manager/collaborator), the name of the projects as well as the tasks associated to each project. For a better efficiency, it will also be necessary to define the process steps related to the different projects.

Manager.one is an online tool that simplifies the management of teams and projects. It offers a clear and easy-to-use interface, as well as a large number of useful features to efficiently manage the daily tasks of a group or a team. Free for 3 months (or 12,000 tasks), Manager.one will undoubtedly appeal to companies that need to grow quickly!

The Manager.one customer service is great!

Manager.one is THE start-up that has understood everything about team management! With its reactive and always available advisors, you won't have to worry about the future of your company. Whether by phone, email or social networks, they will be there to help you! No need to hesitate: Manager.one is the ideal solution to increase the efficiency of your organization

Discover the Manager.one corporate account in video!

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