Our opinion and complete test of Hello bank! Pro, the Business offer for the self-employed in 2022

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So, what do you think of Hello bank! Pro? Frankly, it is an excellent offer! The rates are advantageous and the proposed functionalities are very complete. Moreover, the mobile application is fluid and easy to use. In short, if you are independent or freelance, do not hesitate to use Hello bank!

Hello bank! Pro is an offer dedicated to the self-employed that allows them to manage their business easily and efficiently. The main functionalities offered are: the creation of an account, the opening of pay slips, the management of invoices and access to a personal client space to follow one's budget in real time. Thanks to Hello bank! Pro, entrepreneurs also have access to the tools they need to manage their business brilliantly! Detailed analyses and dashboards allow them to make the right decisions in real time

Hello bank! Pro is a business offer for the self-employed in 2022. With attractive rates and great simplicity, Hello bank! Pro meets the expectations of this growing population!

Hello bank! Pro, the online bank that offers a range of products and services for self-employed professionals from the BNP Paribas group.

But Hello bank! does not stop there and also offers a dedicated offer for the self-employed, called "Hello bank! Pro". This offer is quite complete and allows all types of self-employed to easily manage their money. Here is our opinion and complete test of this new offer in 2022!

Since the arrival of the first online banks in the 2000s, the sector has evolved enormously. Today, these banking services have conquered nearly 600,000 customers and continue to expand! Among the market leaders, Hello Bank! is a sure bet for those who want to guarantee quality of service when they decide to switch to online banking.

Hello bank! Pro is an offer for individuals wishing to start up as an independent. We have to admit that the new online banks and neobanks scare everyone, that's why Hello bank! decided to face this emergence!

We have tested Hello bank! Pro, the business offer for self-employed people in 2022 and we are convinced! This offer is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business. It offers a complete range of banking products and services adapted to your professional needs. Moreover, it is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface. Don't wait, discover it today!

If the auto-entrepreneur exceeds this threshold, it is therefore mandatory to open a bank account dedicated to his activity. This will allow a better management of your company and will avoid mistakes in case of control. However, it is important to note that for some people, it would be more advantageous to have 2 separate accounts for their professional and personal activities.

Welcome to our complete guide and review dedicated to the Hello Business offer for self-employed people proposed by the online bank Hello bank! Here we will present you in an objective way the advantages and disadvantages of this offer, as well as our test made by our experts. First of all, it is important to remember the main features of the Hello bank! pro account:

  • It is accessible to liberal professionals, micro
  • contractors or freelancers;
  • The opening of the account is free and without obligation

Hello bank! Pro is the Business offer for self-employed people in 2022. This offer has been specially designed for entrepreneurs and includes various useful features for their activity, such as currency management and free legal assistance.

Hello bank! Pro is the business offer dedicated to the self-employed in 2022! It offers innovative services and products to support entrepreneurs in their activities. Whether you are a craftsman, a shopkeeper or a liberal profession, Hello bank! Pro has everything you need to make your daily life easier. In addition to complete management of your current account and no-account consumer credit*, Hello bank! Pro offers you a tailored banking package that includes

  • Unlimited checkbook
  • A pack of 10 nominative vacation vouchers
  • A free Visa Classic card with immediate debit
  • Special insurance for the self-employed (civil liability, legal protection and loss of employment)
  • An online management service
  • SMS alerts to inform you of every transaction made on your account And that's not all

Hello bank! Pro is an innovative and efficient offer for the self-employed! With this solution, you will be able to manage your business in a simple and efficient way. Whether you want to make payments or consult your account online, Hello bank! Pro will meet all your expectations. Moreover, a dedicated customer service will always be at your disposal if needed. So don't hesitate and choose Hello bank! Pro today!

Hello bank! Pro is a business offer for self-employed people in 2022 which allows everyone to benefit from 2 months free! With Hello bank! Pro, I have access to essential tools and services to develop my professional activity. I can also benefit from a low rate on my banking fees. In addition, I benefit from an irreproachable customer service available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day! Don't wait any longer, go to Hello bank! Pro to benefit from the best conditions

Professional bank fees and charges: the best benefits!

Hello business is a very interesting offer for freelancers! It includes many services at a single price, which makes it easy to remember. Plus, there are no hidden fees, which gives you peace of mind.

Hello bank! Pro is an offer specially dedicated to self-employed people who want to start up in 2022. It offers a wide range of services and tools to make life easier for entrepreneurs. We have tested Hello bank! Pro and here is our verdict!

Hello bank! pro offers a complete and flexible range of products and services to help self-employed people manage their business easily. The tools are numerous and powerful, which helps to simplify the daily administrative tasks. What's more, Hello bank! pro is very competitive in terms of rates! In short, this Business offer is perfect for dynamic entrepreneurs who are looking for an efficient and cheap solution!

Hellobank! Pro and Hello Business: ConnectBank experts' opinion

Some may wonder what Hello Business really brings compared to a classic online banking offer. The main difference lies in the fact that self-employed people now have a specially dedicated account, with services and products adapted to their needs. Among these advantages are: - Particularly attractive rates, especially on current banking operations; - Simplified account management and detailed monitoring of transactions

Hello bank! Pro is indeed the online bank dedicated to professionals. With its "Hello Business" offer, it stands out from other competitors on the market and offers a complete range of services adapted to all the needs of a company. Whether you are a micro-entrepreneur, a craftsman or a small business, Hello bank! Pro has something for you!

We have tested Hello bank! Pro and we are delighted! This professional offer is simple, transparent and without hidden fees. The service fees are included, which makes it easy to understand. Don't hesitate to check the terms of use on the official website, they are very clear.

Hello bank! is of course the only bank to offer such a complete and advantageous range of services to the self-employed, which means that they can't refuse any customers! Indeed, by opening a Hello Business professional account you can cash checks and cash via the BNP Paribas network but also by bank card thanks to the Hello Pay Pro payment terminal. Moreover, your cash facility will be up to 1 550€. What more can you ask for?

Hello Bank! Pro is the business offer for the self-employed in 2022. What we really like about this offer is its unique rate of €10.90 excluding VAT, which includes a large number of services and insurance. You will be able to pay and withdraw money in France as well as internationally without any additional fees!

Finally, with the many solutions offered (online banking, cash and check cashing, bank cards), Hello bank! pro is much more than a classic bank. In order to satisfy all its independent customers, the subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group has associated its mobile cash solution Lyf Pro to an advantageous pricing: 1.35 % VAT included against 1.60 % VAT excluded (1.92% VAT included) for a global commission!

Hello Business is so complete that you'll have no problem getting started! From managing your bank account, to tools for creating and distributing your marketing content, to online payment and tax optimization solutions, Hello Bank! Pro has everything you need. And that's not all: a dedicated team will also provide efficient and free support to each independent entrepreneur on the Hello Bank! panel.

But despite these small details, we think Hello Bank! Pro is a great bank for freelancers! The account management and maintenance fees are very low, the payment methods (bank cards and transfers) are unlimited, and there is a good choice of options for depositing money.

This new offer from Hello Bank! is really interesting for the self-employed. It offers a multitude of advantages and simplifies daily financial management. The services offered are very useful, in particular the expense tracker which facilitates budget planning and cash flow analysis. Moreover, in case of problems or questions concerning your account, a customer service is available 24/7!

Hello Business is the offer dedicated to the self-employed proposed by Hello bank! Pro in 2022. It allows you to benefit from a complete and advantageous offer to manage your bank professionally. The rates are very competitive, the services available are numerous and the quality of the advisors is irreproachable! In short, if you are at the research a professional account that meets all your expectations without cutting too much into your budget, Hello bank! Pro is made for you

Customer reviews of Hello Business from Hello bank!

Hello bank! pro is THE online bank dedicated to independent entrepreneurs! Since the launch of the Hello Business pro account, customer opinions are unquestionable for its start-up, whether it be the very easy and quick opening of the pro account, the very educational support provided by an expert, or the transparency of the fees. Beyond these undeniable assets, Hello bank! Pro also stands out on other crucial points such as its pricing, which is perfectly suited to small businesses, and access to an unrivalled range of services

Hello Bank! Pro is the business offer for the self-employed that allows you to benefit from a multitude of advantages. These advantages are numerous and varied, which makes it a complete and interesting offer! Among these advantages, we find: a current account with a free Visa card; reduced fees on current operations (transfers, loans...); simplified budget management thanks to Hello bank! PRO tools; ...

Opinion and zoom on Hello Business services

Hello bank! Pro has decided to offer a bank account that meets the needs of the self-employed in 2022. With Hello Bank! Pro, fees will be fixed and known in advance with no hidden extras! In addition, a team of advisors is available to accompany customers in their efforts. What more could you ask for?

How do I fund my Hello Business bank account?

You can choose between 4 payment methods: - The first is cash. You deposit your money in one of the Hello bank! branches or at an ATM. This solution is especially convenient for small amounts because the management fees can be high if you exceed certain limits. Moreover, the immediate availability of your money is not guaranteed since withdrawals made in a branch or via ATMs are subject to the opening hours of these points of sale

How can I get a business loan with Hello bank! Pro?

The status of self-employed is special in several ways. First of all, your professional activity belongs to a natural person and not a legal person. Secondly, there is no separation between your personal and business assets. This means that the debts related to your activity will be passed on to your own assets in case of bankruptcy or that all your income will be taxed in the same way whatever its nature (salaries, dividends, rental income, etc.) Hello bank

However, Hello bank! Pro has a very interesting offer for the self-employed. Indeed, this bank has decided not to take into account your real estate loans in the calculation of your eligibility! This makes it easier for entrepreneurs who want to obtain a professional loan. So don't hesitate any longer and contact one of the Hello bank! Pro advisors to benefit from this advantageous offer

As you can see, Hello bank! Pro has decided to extend its online business loan offer to the self-employed! Whether you are an auto-entrepreneur, a sole trader or a micro-enterprise, this online bank offers you less restrictive conditions to obtain a loan that fits your activity. So don't wait any longer and trust Hello bank! Pro to carry out your professional project!

You have 6 months to enjoy the benefits of Hello Business, after which you can take out a business loan online. It's quick and easy!

Once this period has passed, you can take out a business loan online in the following way:

  • Don't wait any longer to discover our opinion and complete test of Hello bank! Pro, the business offer for self-employed people in 202
  • This offer is for you if you are at research of a professional credit easily accessible online!

There is still a study done beforehand by the parent company of Hello Bank! Pro (BNP Paribas) for the acceptance of your application. After analysis, you will be quickly informed if your company is eligible or not for Hello Bank! Pro and what are the terms of the contract. If the offer suits you, an agreement will be signed and the business account will be activated!

You have probably heard about the different offers of Hello bank! for self-employed people. But do you know if this offer is for you? We will tell you everything in this complete test!

With Hello bank! Pro, opening an account without commitment is quick and easy. Thanks to its intuitive and complete interface, you can manage your money online in an efficient way. Moreover, the Business offer for the self-employed is very interesting in 2022: it proposes in particular advantageous rates for checks and e-mail management. So don't hesitate to try this online bank!

Hello Business, your free and integrated mobile solution to collect your customers!

If you are a self-employed person looking for a simple and efficient solution to collect payments from your customers, Hello bank! Pro is the solution for you! Thanks to the partnership established with Lyf Pro, an application specially dedicated to professionals, it is now possible to collect transactions directly from your smartphone. This complete and intuitive offer will meet all your expectations and will greatly facilitate your daily activity. Don't hesitate, join the Hello bank community

With this service, you will be able to accept contactless payments with your customers. You will also be automatically billed on the basis of the tariff option that best suits your business activity. This service is ideal for the self-employed!

Hello bank! is therefore the best option for entrepreneurs who want to manage their account efficiently and make significant savings on transaction fees. Don't wait any longer, join us now!

The limit of the bank cards is 50€, which will allow you to pay your purchases without contact. In addition, the option to pay in installments will also be available so that you can save time and money.

Hello bank! Pro is a great offer for the self-employed! Not only will you have access to a complete professional bank account, but you will also receive the amount of your transactions at the end of each quarter by transfer. It is therefore ideal to simplify the management of your business and save time. Don't hesitate to try Hello bank! Pro now, it's the right offer for you!

Hello Pay Pro is a banking offer that allows self-employed people to pay their customers with ease and considerable time savings. You will also be able to make online payments at no extra cost. With Hello Pay Pro, your business will be very competitive on the market!

How can you protect yourself from difficult customers with Hello Pay Pro, the connected payment terminal from Hello bank!

Moreover, the self-employed also need this type of service to develop. Thanks to Hello Business and its TPE, they can indeed make payments without having to worry about the additional cost. What a great way to boost their activity!

  • An unbeatable price: 2,99€/month (with 0.15€ transaction fee)
  • No commission on euro transactions
  • Contactless and PIN-free payments with the technology NFC The launch of Hello Pay Pro aims to make payments even easier and faster for French freelancers. These advantages should encourage many entrepreneurs to join Hello Bank!

If you need to deposit the checks you receive on your pro account, it's perfectly possible! Hello bank! Pro has an offer specially adapted to self-employed people: the Business account. In this case, here is how to proceed to deposit a check online.

How do I deposit a cheque with Hello bank! Pro online banking?

No need to go to a bank branch to carry out routine transactions! With the Hello bank! Pro mobile application, you can directly scan the barcode of the check and send the desired amount to your account. You don't have to wait weeks for the money to be credited to your account either: with Hello Business, transfers are instantaneous!

First, you need to download the Hello Business application on your smartphone. This application is free and easy to use. It has a section dedicated to checks: Check Scan. When you receive a check, scan it, taking care to correctly frame the wording and amount area (you can zoom in if needed). Once the scan is done, a bubble will appear indicating that the document has been validated. Your bank account will be credited with the amount of the check within minutes

Find out how to cash your check in 3 steps with Hello Business Check Scanner:

  • Step 1: Open Hello Business
  • step 2: Scan the check with the mobile app
  • Step 3: Receive the funds in your account

Depositing cash into your Hello Business pro account is very simple and is done in a few easy steps. First, go to a post office or Western Union branch with the cash you want to deposit. Once there, fill out the form that corresponds to the amounts you want to send and give the funds to the agent. The agent then seals the transaction and provides you with a receipt as proof of deposit.

How do I make a cash deposit with Hello bank! Pro online banking?

Hello bank! Pro is an excellent solution for self-employed people who are looking for efficient and state-of-the-art online banking services. With its full range of options, Hello bank! Pro will certainly be your best solution if you are self-employed. Don't hesitate to try this service today!

Good to know: BNP Paribas deposit machines are perfectly suited for this type of transaction and allow you to avoid waiting in line!

Despite the criticism, Hello bank! Pro remains a very advantageous offer for the self-employed. It offers competitive rates and a wide range of services. Moreover, it is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of each individual. Whether you are a self-employed person or a business owner, Hello bank! Pro is the offer for you!

Discover in video the advantages of the Hello Business offer proposed by the French director of Hello Bank!

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