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Helios Bank 2022 is an excellent solution for those looking to invest their money. The bank offers very attractive interest rates and short payout times. In addition, it offers impeccable customer service! We recommend you to choose Helios Bank 2022 to make your savings grow.

Helios Bank 2022 is an excellent online bank that offers innovative and quality products and services. The platform is easy to use and the fees are very low. I highly recommend this bank!

Helios Bank 2022 is an excellent bank that offers many services and benefits to its customers. It has a very efficient system, which allows it to process users' requests quickly. In addition, it also offers a wide range of financial products, allowing users to find the one that best suits their needs. Finally, Helios Bank 2022 is recognized for its reliability and efficiency in banking, which places it among the best banks in the market.

🌲 Presentation of Helios, the ecobank that invests for the climate

Helios is a very interesting green bank. Indeed, it is based on a 100 % green approach which consists in investing only in projects favoring the ecological transition. Moreover, this neobank offers competitive rates and services! We have tested its offer to give you our verdict... Read our full review below!

Helios is a green bank that finances ecological projects! It is the new alternative for those who want to do something for the environment. With its bank account and its wide selection of "green" projects, Helios helps customers become aware of the importance of sustainable development. Plus, from its mobile application, it's easy to see which projects have been funded by Helios! So go for this green bank if you want to change the world in your small way

We were impressed by the quality and seriousness of the services offered by Helios Banque, as well as its high satisfaction rate. Moreover, this bank is at the origin of local project financing: it has already participated in the realization of a cultural and sports center in Isère and a renovation of real estate in Savoie! We therefore recommend Helios Banque 2022 without hesitation for your future banking management.

Thanks to its reputation and expertise, Helios has already funded two projects.

Helios is a bank that has decided to embrace the ecological and sustainable transition. That's why we decided to offer you a complete guide, test and opinion on this financial institution! Discover our complete analysis of the different aspects of the Helios bank account in order to make an informed choice. First of all, it is important to underline the main advantages of opening an account with Helios Bank 2022: since this bank is eco-responsible, it offers very interesting rates and a range of products adapted to the expectations of the most demanding customers

Helios Bank 2022 is an excellent financial institution! We were extremely impressed by the quality of their services and especially by the many advantages they offer to their clients. From banking options to special promotions, Helios Bank 2022 has it all. If you're looking for a reliable and competitive bank, this one is probably for you!

Helios Bank 2022 is a great option for people who are looking for a full-featured bank account. The rates are great and the quality of customer service and products offered is impeccable! We highly recommend this bank!

Helios Bank 2022 is an innovative online bank that offers advantageous financial services and products for its customers. Thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface, you can manage your account quickly and easily. Plus, 1 month free!

Benefits of the Helios Eco-Account

Advantages of the Helios green bank card

Rates and benefits of the Helios Ecobank

Helios is an online bank that offers a wide range of financial services to individuals and professionals at very attractive prices. The core offer of Helios Bank is the 2022 package, which allows you to obtain all the current services without any additional fees. This offer includes transfers, loans and mortgages, and real estate loans.

We have tested and evaluated Helios Bank 2022. To do so, we took into account the management fees not included in the formula as well as the irregularities noted. Our conclusions? The bank is very competitive on the market!

The new Helios account and bank card: an ecological solution

Helios, a unique formula for all

Helios Bank offers an economical and easy solution for individuals who want to manage their money in the best possible way. The bank is very responsive and offers advantageous rates. The services offered correspond to what one expects from an eco-bank: dematerialization, simplicity, personalized assistance, etc. In short, Helios Banques is THE ideal bank for optimized budget management!

Helios Banque 2022 being an eco-bank, it offers products and services that correspond to this philosophy. Among the novelties of the year, we note the implementation of the joint account, a customer space via computer as well as a savings solution. These different products allow Helios Bank 2022 customers to make the most of the advantages that this green bank can offer them!

Helios Bank 2022 is an excellent online bank that offers the best services! Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to manage your account with ease. Moreover, its customer service is impeccable: it answers all your questions quickly and efficiently. So don't hesitate to choose Helios Bank 2022 for the security of your finances!

Helios Banque 2022 is an online bank that offers innovative and quality banking services. It stands out in particular for its attractive savings offer and its very advantageous rates. We have tested this bank for you, here is our verdict!

We tested for you Helios Bank 2022, an online bank dedicated exclusively to green accounts. What can we say about it? First of all, this bank is very easy to use and allows you to easily manage all your finances thanks to a clear and intuitive dashboard. In addition, it offers ultra competitive rates! As far as the customer service is concerned, we were not disappointed: reactive and efficient, they listen to their customers and will advise you as well as possible.

At Helios, young people have a sustainable and ethical account at half price!

Take up the zero waste challenge with the help of your bank! Helios Banque offers its sustainable account to young adults aged 18 to 23 at half price, i.e. 3€ per month for one year. This rate is advantageous because it allows customers to learn step by step the eco-citizen gestures that can be applied on a daily basis to reduce their impact on the environment. So don't hesitate any longer and join the Eco-citizen community

For a better planet, united in love!

Of course, opening a joint account with Helios Bank 2022 is a decision that you should make with full knowledge of the facts. There are many advantages and disadvantages, but it is still the bank that offers the lowest bank fees on the market! This is enough to make some of you turn your head.

We have tested this account and we are very happy with it! Not only because it is ecological, but also because it is really easy to use. With our traditional bank, we have to spend hours filling in complicated forms, whereas here it's a formality of 5 minutes maximum. And even less if you are already a Helios Bank 2022 customer!

If you have always dreamed of having a bank that meets all your expectations, Helios Bank 2022 is for you! Thanks to its common account and 2 Visa cards offered in recycled plastic, making payments or withdrawals anywhere in the world has never been so easy. Moreover, using the website or the mobile application allows you to manage your daily life simply and efficiently. What more could you ask for? So don't hesitate and join the Helios Bank 2022 community

You can't miss this offer! Helios Bank 2022 is here to help you in your daily life. With a wide range of services and products, there is something for everyone. What's more, by registering on the site, you already get one month free! And it's not over yet because 2 bank cards will be offered to you as well. What more can you ask for? Go ahead and join the community of happy Helios Bank 2022 customers.

The Helios Bank Green Joint Account is an excellent solution for couples! It offers each of you a free savings account and a free Visa bank card, as well as legal assistance in case of divorce. Moreover, this formula includes advantageous rates on all current operations. To open this account, simply go to the bank's website or to your nearest branch!

An eco-bank that makes a difference for the environment

Helios Bank 2022 is a bank that offers financial services focused on ecology and sustainable development. Unlike other banking institutions, Helios guarantees 100% the financing it provides to projects in sectors without environmental risks. Thanks to this policy, the bank actively contributes to the respect of our planet!

We are fans of this new bank that has decided to embrace the ecological transition! Helios Bank 2022 is a sure value, and investing on it will always be profitable. It guarantees that every euro invested will not harm our planet, which is essential for its future! Moreover, its total transparency is a major asset: thanks to the impact dashboard, customers can see in real time the positive and negative effects of each investment on our environment

Helios Bank is a new bank offering sustainable and ecological services. With its wooden bank account, it wants to change current consumption patterns. The ecobank offers its customers a completely natural and environmentally friendly payment card as well as an app to manage their financial operations easily!

Helios Banque 2022 is an eco-responsible bank that finances only ecological transition projects. Thanks to its interchange fees, it contributes to the development of many green projects!

Easy to do, fast and efficient, that's what we can remember from our experience with Helios Bank 2022. No need to go to a bank branch and wait for hours to get a classic account, but a completely automated procedure that only takes a few minutes! And the icing on the cake: no money to pay when opening the account because it is free (provided that you invest a minimum of 1500€ per month). What more could you ask for?

We have tested the Helios 2022 bank and we are very satisfied! Commissions are very low, withdrawals and deposits are very fast, and the customer service is always there to help you. Honestly, don't wait any longer and go and visit this bank that will totally change your financial life!

A free ethical savings account to save in complete security!

This new savings offer is an excellent initiative, and I am convinced that Helios customers will like it a lot. With this offer, you can save effortlessly and at the same time contribute to the protection of the environment! The funds are available immediately when needed, which is very convenient. Moreover, the projects financed by the Livret Avenir have a positive impact on our planet, so you can contribute to the preservation of our beautiful nature while saving money

The Helios Livret Avenir is free and included in your current account (or youth account). The minimum deposit to complete the opening is 10€. This offer will allow you to make your money grow easily, without having to take out a single penny! This bankbook has been designed for individuals who wish to save and earn interest while keeping a total availability on their savings.

The Helios Livret Avenir is an excellent choice for savers! First of all, it pays up to 2% on your invested capital. Moreover, it is totally secure and you can withdraw your money at any time without any fees. In conclusion, we recommend you this booklet because it represents a very good investment opportunity!

The summary of the Helios Future Booklet in a few sentences: It presents the different aspects of the project, its content and its objectives:

  • The Helios Livret Avenir is a financial product that offers its customers flexible interest-bearing savings. It allows you to invest your money in diversified euro funds, which gives it great stability. Moreover, it is possible to withdraw the capital at any time without any fees or penalties.

Helios' 2022 - 2023 New Features Worth Waiting For!

Helios Banque 2022 is an online bank that offers a variety of quality services to individuals and professionals. The range of products includes a current account with or without a bank card, consumer credit, life insurance, etc. The rates are very advantageous! Moreover, Helios offers an impeccable customer service thanks to its dedicated and competent team. For all these reasons, we warmly recommend this wonderful establishment

In 2022, Helios presents a new range of products that aim to satisfy customers with several choices:

  • ... With its innovative products and comprehensive offering, the Helios Bank 2022 mobile application is an excellent online bank for customers who want to manage their finances easily. Navigating the website is intuitive and simple to use thanks to the toolbar at the top of each page. In addition, there is a lot of useful information available on the blog and FAQ pages. The rates offered by Helios Bank 2022 are also very attractive! I recommend

We discovered that in addition to offering a good balance between the different asset classes, Helios Bank 2022 is also one of the only online banking products that offers a guarantee on the invested capital. This means that you are protected in case of manager bankruptcy! This will reassure even the most cautious investors.

Review of Helios Expert Bank Connect: a trusted bank for entrepreneurs

But that doesn't stop us from giving you our opinion right now! Helios Bank 2022 has everything to please. Its interface is simple and pleasant, its operation intuitive and its rates very competitive. It also stands out for its complete range of financial products that meet the needs of both individuals and professionals. Don't hesitate, join the Helios Bank 2022 community!

Helios Banque 2022 is a neobank that has recently entered the French banking market. Based on a 100% ecological approach, it differentiates itself from other banks by its "green" approach. But what is really about this young startup? We have tested Helios Banque 2022 for you!

We were particularly impressed with the features of the mobile application dedicated to account management, which is very complete and intuitive. In addition, Helios offers very competitive rates and no hidden fees, making it an excellent choice for all user profiles. So don't hesitate to turn to Helios Bank 2022 if you want to benefit from a simple, efficient service at the best price

Helios Banque is a green bank that stands out for its ecological commitment! Indeed, it only finances projects related to the energy transition. That's why we decided to test this bank and here is our verdict: First of all, we appreciate the fact that Helios Bank offers total transparency on the projects it finances. These projects are related to the energy transition and aim at protecting the environment.

Helios Banque 2022 is the best bank for eco-consumers! It is recommended by the NGO Friends of the Earth and is ranked among the 3 most ethical French banks by Moralscore.org and Bank.green.

Fortunately, the management fees are very low and there are no commissions on cash deposits or withdrawals. In addition, the mobile app is available for iOS and Android which will allow you to access your account from any smartphone or tablet.

Customer reviews of Helios are glowing!

Helios Bank 2022 is an excellent online bank that offers quality services and products! Its mobile application is very intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to access your accounts wherever you are. Its rates are also advantageous, which makes it an excellent option for individuals and businesses alike. Don't wait any longer, discover Helios Bank 2022 today!

If you are at the research of a bank that is ethical, simple and offers a wooden Visa card, Helios Bank 2022 should make you happy. The card is absolutely beautiful and I would definitely recommend it! The app is also very easy to use and I had no problem activating my account.

Helios Bank 2022 is an extremely fast and easy to use online bank. It only takes a few minutes to open an account, which is ideal if you want to start your own business! The service fees are minimal and the services offered by Helios Bank 2022 are very comprehensive. I highly recommend it to all my clients!

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