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We tested Mooncard and we are fans! This card is great, it allows you to easily pay for your hotel or even your travel expenses. It is very convenient to use for tourists as well as for professionals who travel often. We highly recommend it!

We have tested Mooncard and we are ultraFans! This card is so practical, functional and innovative. It will revolutionize the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Users can use it in stores, to pay for utilities, or to withdraw cash at no extra cost! We highly recommend this card that will change your lifestyle for the better.

Today we are going to tell you about an innovative and very interesting bank card Mooncard! But what is its use? How does it work? And above all, how do you get it? We will answer all these questions and more in this article.

Presentation of Mooncard, an application that automates the management of expense reports!

Mooncard is one of the best banks for professionals! Thanks to its simple and intuitive system, you will be able to manage your expenses efficiently. Just install the mobile application and off you go! You will also benefit from an outstanding customer service that will be happy to answer all your questions. Don't wait any longer, try Mooncard now!

Mooncard is a great initiative for entrepreneurs and employees! With this application, you will finally be able to get rid of the repetitive tasks involved in managing expense reports. Gone are the days when you had to tape tickets on a board inside the office! Mooncard will transform the way you work and will greatly simplify your daily life. Moreover, since this application is totally digital, it perfectly respects the June 16, 2016 decree on business travel

mooncard is THE payment card that will revolutionize the business world! No more constraints and administrative paperwork! With mooncard, you have a complete solution to manage your expenses with ease. And that's not all: the mooncard mobile application allows you to follow your expenses in real time step by step. So don't hesitate any longer and contact your MoonCard sales consultant without delay!


  • The Mooncard is an excellent solution for companies that want to automate their expense management.
  • It allows employees to make payments quickly and easily, without having to travel.
  • The mooncard also offers a clear and quick view of the expenses made by the company.

You are at the research a prepaid card for your online spending? Don't look any further, Mooncard is made for you! Launched in 2022, this French startup offers an economical and efficient formula. We have tested Mooncard and here is our verdict...

Mooncard is the ideal solution for those who travel often! Thanks to it, you can pay in full security and at no extra cost your excursions or tourist activities. What's more, it's very easy to use: just enter your Mooncard number on the partner sites and that's it! So don't wait and treat yourself with Mooncard for your next trip.

So, what do you think of Mooncard? I hope I've given you a good idea of the product. Personally, I am conquered and I can't wait to try the demo! Rest assured that if you order your Mooncard pack today, you will also receive access to the online demo. And as they say at Mooncard "testing is adopting" 🙂

The 5 advantages of the Mooncard card for expense reports

If you need to travel, and want to save on travel costs, Mooncard is the app for you! This app offers great rates on different types of airline tickets. Whether you're traveling solo, as a couple or with friends, Mooncard will meet all your expectations. Moreover, its simple and user-friendly interface will make your experience even more pleasant. Don't hesitate to try Mooncard now!

Disadvantages of subscribing to the Mooncard fuel & gas card: exceeding your monthly fee!

Rates and bank charges for the Mooncard professional payment card: an economical and practical solution for companies!

Mooncard is the application that will revolutionize the way you travel! It will allow you to travel without constraints with only a few personal items since it replaces the traditional suitcases. Mooncard selects for you the essential products to bring and stores them in a very practical case. When you arrive at your destination, nothing could be easier, just fold it up to obtain a bag big enough to store everything you need.

So, is this Mooncard worth it? Well, yes! We were blown away by the quality of this product. The miles offered did not fail and the benefits were up to our expectations. In short, we can only recommend you to buy this practical and original card that will easily find a place in your wallet!

Mooncard is THE new bank card that will revolutionize payments! It is totally contactless and allows you to pay everywhere you go. No need to take out your wallet to make purchases, just leave your smartphone near the merchant! And on top of that, it's free to use. So what are you waiting for to try it ?

Mooncard expert's opinion: a practical and secure bank card

Mooncard is THE essential card for travelers! With it, you will no longer have to carry the weight of your cash in your suitcase. For an optimal and simplified use of the card, it is recommended to download the dedicated application on Android or iOS.

We also really appreciated the ease of navigation and the sober but modern design. Mooncard is without a doubt a very complete solution that will meet the needs of the most demanding entrepreneurs!

Mooncard is without any doubt the mobile application you need if your company has several employees. Indeed, thanks to this one, it is possible to create a validation workflow to validate or refuse an expense report from its mobile application.

It is important to note that there are no additional fees for payment in the Euro zone. This Mooncard will allow you to easily pay for all your purchases when you are in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) member country, which is very good news!

You'll never run out of fuel again with Mooncard Mobility!

However, we were still convinced by Mooncard! Mainly because it is an excellent alternative to traveler's checks or cash when traveling abroad. For payments outside the euro zone (i.e. in USD, GBP, CAD etc.), a rate of 3% of the amount paid is applied. This is still reasonable compared to other alternatives on the market.

So, our verdict on Mooncard is very positive! This electronic payment card is easy to use and seems to meet the needs of professionals on the move. It has a large network of partners and the fees associated with its use are minimal.

With Mooncard, you get a free and unlimited Visa card! This card is accepted in over 200 countries and offers free withdrawals at all ATMs worldwide. With this card, you can also enjoy discounts on your online and offline purchases.

Mooncard, our opinion and test Complete 2022! Today we are going to introduce you to Mooncard, an instant debit bank card that was launched in France in January 2020. In addition to being an ecological and contactless payment solution, this card is equipped with an innovative budget control system: thanks to the Balancemoon module installed on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android), you will be able to easily manage all the expenses made with your Mooncard

We loved our experience with Mooncard! It's a great way to travel, plus it's very economical. We highly recommend this service to everyone.

Discover in video how Mooncard works, an automated solution to efficiently manage your expense reports.

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