Our full review and test of the Shine - 2022 pro bank account

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The Shine Pro 2022 is a bank account that offers many advantages and services. It was created to meet the needs of professionals and entrepreneurs. We have tested this product and here is our verdict!

Shine 2022 is one of the best bank accounts you can find! It's easy to use and has all the features you need. You can make transactions with ease, without having to worry about your security. What more could you ask for?

Simply put, the Shine is a bank account that offers attractive interest rates. But that's not its only strength! This banking product also offers a host of services and options that are very convenient for customers. So why not choose Shine?

Introducing Shine, the professional account that makes life easier for freelancers and small businesses!

Today we are going to introduce you to Shine, a neobank that was created in 2017 and is aimed at individual entrepreneurs (micro-businesses, self-employed, freelancers,...). This bank allows them to have a bank account to manage their business. It is particularly adapted to this growing population of entrepreneurs. Shine offers advantageous and competitive rates compared to other traditional banks. Moreover, it offers innovative services and meets all the needs of this population of entrepreneurs

This mobile bank is very advantageous for professionals, as it offers really attractive banking rates. In addition, it offers additional services that help with business management. These different features make Shine an excellent option for those looking for a cheap and efficient bank. I definitely recommend this bank!

The Shine - 2022 bank account is THE solution for sole traders! Since its takeover by Société Générale, this neobank offers even more advantageous services and an unparalleled level of personalization. Whether you are a small business, a freelancer or a micro-entrepreneur: Shine has an offer that meets your needs!

Opening a bank account with Shine means launching your business with a high-performance bank! With its complete and innovative offer, Shine is made for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business. Discover without further delay our advantages and disadvantages in order to make you a precise idea about this neobank at the cutting edge of technology.

The Shine Pro Bank Account is a great solution for those who want to manage their money efficiently! This product offers innovative features and an easy to use interface. We highly recommend you try it!

I get 2 months free on Shine, my pro bank account! This is great news for freelancers and small businesses who want to simplify their financial management. With Shine, I get free access to the professional edition of Sage 50cloud software: an essential advantage if you work alone or with a small team. Moreover, the customer service is really reactive and efficient when needed. In short, this offer is great and I highly recommend it With Shine, my pro bank account, I get 2 months free access to the professional edition of Sage 50cloud software. This is excellent news because this software will allow me to simplify my financial management, especially in case of need

The advantages of Shine mobile banking

The advantages of subscribing to the Shine pro bank account

Advantageous rates and banking fees of the neobank Shine

Shine 2022 is THE best bank account for entrepreneurs! Its simple operation and streamlined interface allow you to manage your budget efficiently. With very low management fees, this account is the indispensable companion of any growing business. So don't hesitate, choose Shine 2022!

While traditional bank accounts often charge prohibitive fees, Shine 2022 offers users the opportunity to enjoy a free month! We tested this account for you and it proves to be a great option for small businesses. The features are numerous and easy to use, allowing for efficient management of your money. What more could you ask for?

Shine 20212 is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses. This bank account offers full functionality and excellent customer service! We really appreciate its efficiency and ease of use. A good choice for anyone who wants to start a business!

☑️ Professional review of Shine by ConnectBank

Everything is done to facilitate your Shine user experience and allow you to manage your money efficiently. With its intuitive interface, tools (calculators, charts) and responsive customer support, Shine definitely ranks among the best online and mobile banks offering services to professionals!

With Shine, you also have the possibility to receive and send transfers in euros or foreign currencies without any fees. This makes financial transactions easier for your business! And if that's not enough to convince you, you should know that Shine's offer is completed by a free telephone assistance service available 24/7.

While you may also need a regular bank account, Shine is a great option for those who have a regular income and want to make the most of technology. The mobile app's features provide users with easy access to all the information they need, including balances and activity histories. And with its user-friendly interface, Shine is easy to use - no matter what your level of experience with technology

With Shine, you also have the opportunity to earn up to 1% interest on your deposits! So don't wait any longer and join the thousands of French people who have chosen Shine to manage their bank account. Test us now by opening a free account: www.shine.bank

The Shine pro bank account is one of the best you can find on the market! With an attractive base price and the ability to pay throughout the euro zone without any additional fees, it will be your number one ally to manage your budget efficiently. So don't wait any longer and try it now!

However, the advantages of Shine are numerous: a free and unlimited card for payments in the euro zone without additional fees, transfers between friends totally free, the possibility of opening a passbook A or B at 0% interest... In short, this bank has all the assets to please consumers!

The Shine is a bank account that was created in 2022 by the company ConnectBanque. It is a professional product that allows you to manage your money in a simple and efficient way. This account is ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers or employees who want to optimize their financial management. The main features of Shine are: a complete banking offer, low fees, innovative tools and personalized assistance. In addition to the 2 free months that we offer you, do not hesitate to test this pro bank account

While free bank accounts are flourishing more and more, the Shine pro clearly stands out with its attractive rate and its ease of use. Indeed, this account allows its users to automatically benefit from a bonus rate on all the transactions made! You can increase your savings without even realizing it. Of course, a team available 7 days a week to answer all your questions is at your disposal if you encounter any problem

Shine: a company at the forefront of customer satisfaction!

Shine is a great bank for professionals! Its functionalities, its price and its simplicity make it an essential player on the market. The only criticism we can make of Shine is that ApplePay is not yet available in all countries. Despite this, Shine remains the best option for those looking for a simple and efficient bank!

2 Shine account formulas: zoom on the advantages!

Shine offers are business accounts with no commitment and a 30-day free trial! What more could you ask for? This service is available online, which makes it easy to get started. To open an account, all you have to do is fill out some information such as your first and last name and email address. You can then bank quickly and easily from your home or any computer connected to the internet.

The Shine account is a great solution for the self-employed! The "basic" package offers everything you need to manage your business: access to internet banking, credit and debit cards and SMS or email alerts. Thanks to Shine, you can also receive 20% discount on home insurance at Axa Bank.

Basic is the formula offered by Shine, a bank for the self-employed:

  • No credit offer
  • One current account
  • No additional services Note: Shine is the bank that uses the most new technologies, it offers a very powerful application for smartphones. The principle of the Shine 2022 pro bank account is simple: you have a single account in your name on which all your transactions will be grouped, without additional fees. Unlike other financial institutions, Shine does not offer credit

The Pro Shine bank account is definitely a great offer! It offers many useful and convenient services, which makes it extremely versatile. In addition, the interface is nice and easy to use, which makes managing personal finances much easier. In short, it's a great choice for individuals looking to research an excellent bank account!

We really liked the Shine pro bank account. The rates change according to the size of the company, which is very practical. This offer is particularly suitable for micro-businesses and companies.

The Shine pro bank account is a great option for entrepreneurs, and I'm taking advantage of 2 months free!

Shine start: start your online business with Shine

Shine is a company that offers "all-inclusive" packages for its clients' bank accounts. These packages vary depending on the status of the company and range from the deposit of capital to the creation of the articles of association! This allows entrepreneurs to focus on their business without having to worry about administrative issues. We tested this service and we are very satisfied: Shine answers quickly to emails, the rates are attractive and there is a wide choice of services available

Creator of a company, deposit your capital on the internet

Shine is an excellent option for filing your share capital when starting a business! The rates are low and the services offered are comprehensive. We recommend Shine for all your business banking transactions.

Our opinion and complete test on the Shine - 2022 pro bank account is positive! It is a simple and 100% online process which allows you to obtain the deposit certificate in a record time of 48h in 3 steps: 1) Go to www.shinelife.com, 2) Create your profile (name, first names), 3) Enter the information related to your professional activity. Then, you will just have to choose the formula you want among 4 proposals adapted to your needs and deposit your first salary to validate the opening of your pro Shine bank account

The Shine pro bank account is the best choice for businesses and self-employed people who want a complete financial management solution. With its simple, clear and efficient offer, this account meets the needs of professionals who want to manage their finances easily and safely.

First of all, the Shine pro bank account is easy to use. Just log in to your customer area and follow the steps to make transfers or view your transactions. Customer service is always available if you need help! Moreover, this online account offers great flexibility to entrepreneurs who are starting their business. They can make all kinds of transactions without additional fees and save time with the instant transfer system

Auto-entrepreneur (micro-business): a solution to develop your business

Shine is THE solution for micro-businesses! With its formula dedicated to this sector of activity, Shine allows an easy and fast creation of your auto-business. And on top of that, you get a 6-month pro account included! What more could you ask for?

- A bank account with no opening, maintenance or closing fees. We really appreciate this, because bank fees can quickly add up! Moreover, you don't have to be a Shine pro client to benefit from this.

Create your company with ease!

It is a bank account that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their business at a lower cost. The services included really make the difference and allow everyone to start without spending too much. We were able to test this product and we are conquered!

The Shine pro bank account is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs! With a flat fee of €238 (excl. VAT), setting up your company is simplified and less expensive. And that's not all: you also benefit from unlimited access to the services of the Shine Premium network, which allow you to optimize the organization of your business. So don't wait any longer, contact Shine to start your entrepreneurial adventure with complete peace of mind!

This is great news for entrepreneurs! With Shine's business creation package, you get a professional bank account and a financial coach who will accompany you step by step throughout your project. You will be perfectly prepared to succeed and start your business on the right foot. Don't wait any longer, take advantage of this exclusive offer and boost your entrepreneurial career!

Shine pro bank account is a great option for those who want to simplify and secure their finances. It is very easy to use, and you can make transactions quickly and without complication. In addition, it includes a number of exclusive tools that allow users to get the most out of their money. I highly recommend this product!

I start my business! I choose Shine as my financial partner. Why do I choose Shine as my financial partner? Simply because it is a pro bank account that perfectly meets my needs and allows me to easily manage my financial companionship. Shine's features are really intuitive and I have an efficient support if any questions arise. Moreover, the opening is very fast which is ideal for entrepreneurs like me!

Shine, your expert accountant at your disposal to help you succeed in your projects!

The Shine pro bank account is one of the best on the market! Its variety of offerings and simplicity make Shine a competent and cutting-edge company. Whether you are a small business or a large multinational, Shine has what you need! Don't hesitate, try their offer for free for a month and discover by yourself the incomparable advantages that constitute this exceptional offer!

A Shine payment terminal to easily cash your customers

Shine is the bank account that will save you time and money! With Shine, there is no subscription to pay and no hidden fees. For only 19€, Sumup offers you an easy-to-use POS (Point of Sale) to collect credit card payments directly on your smartphone or tablet. You then automatically have an unlimited pro account that allows you to receive income and pay providers.

Shine's Professional Liability insurance protects you against the financial consequences of an incident involving your self-employed or VSE business.

The Shine pro bank account is an excellent solution for companies who wish to protect their activities and their staff. Thanks to this offer, you benefit from a professional liability insurance adapted to your structure and your needs. It covers in particular the financial consequences linked to work accidents or theft of goods. In addition, the legal assistance offered by Shine allows you to quickly settle any dispute that may arise in your company

The Shine - 2022 bank account is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to protect their assets and those of their business. Professional liability (PL) protects against damage caused to a third party by your business, whether it be to employees or equipment used. In addition, this package also includes legal protection, which will allow you to quickly obtain sound advice in the event of a dispute. Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists for more information on the Shine - 2022 bank account

It's 2022 and Shine bank accounts are the best solution for VSEs and micro-businesses. The subscription is 100% online and adapted to your activity, which allows you to benefit from a personalized offer. Whether you are a merchant, a craftsman or a liberal profession, Shine has an offer made for you!

The Shine Pro bank account is a great solution for entrepreneurs! It offers many advantages and great flexibility, allowing you to manage your money efficiently. Do not hesitate to test it!

Watch a video on how the Shine Professional account works and boost your business!

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